With so much love from our customers,

I'll introduce you to the Lottische Circle loafers

that you made yourself from your shoes.

The great thing about Lottice was that it was a very comfortable ignition.

It's also a very comfortable circle-rooper.

It's full of fluffy cushions so you can wear them

without any problems even with long-term ignition

Made of soft suede and leather,

you can feel more luxurious and refined.

I've prepared modern colors and bright colors.

It will make your feet look luxurious and bright.

Stiffened by the details of the footlight ring,

it increases the completeness of the look

a cute and stylish loafer!


the color beige/black/pink/yellow/gray/blue/green/red

I've prepared a total of seven colors.

You can bet it's the rapper you're going to wear

Go ahead and get it~






Size is 220~255.

The model fit in a good size^^